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By Rynoh
Hello, I am really hoping someone can help me out, I am trying to make 3 leds light up simultaneously when a momentary push button is pressed, and have them shut off when the button is released. My question is how do I wire them all together, as I have never done anything like this before. Also, can i wire the button directly into the circuit, or do I need a board or something like that. Ideally it needs to be as slim as possible its for a prop piece. Any help is appreciated. See below for the push button in question.
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By TS-Chris
Hello Rynoh. Thanks for posting your question.

You don't really need any kind of board to do this, but using a board might make it a bit easier to connect everything.
The diagram below shows how everything would connect together.
It would be best to solder your battery and switch connections together so that they make good electrical contact but the LED leads are long enough to either twist wires onto. Or you could even modify a connector like PRT-09918 to hold a LED. I'd recommend using a connector like this over twisting wires on as you will get a more reliable connection. (example below)
Remember, LEDs only work when connected the correct way. The long lead is positive and the short lead is negative. Hooking them up backward won't hurt them, but they won't light up.

Here's the part numbers for the battery, LEDs and battery holder.
PRT-00338 - Battery
DEV-08822 - Battery holder
COM-09590 - LED

Hope this helps, and good luck with your project!
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.