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By dWinks
I am doing a light project for my TV stand, where I can light up different cubbies, and change their colors using IR. My project uses 300 5v neopixels. I am trying to figure out the best power supply for this project, as my current 9v, 650mA runs my blackboard too hot (I assume it's the low amps).
My question is, can the Sparkfun Blackboard handle a power supply that is 5V, 10Amp, or even a 5V, 15Amp power supply? Or will that much current break my blackboard?
Thank you so much for your time!

PS: my lights are currently all in parallel, but I am considering breaking it into three parts, with three different pins to see if that helps with the current flow.
If you are sourcing power for the LEDs through the BlackBoard you are probably running into thermal issues because you are straining the regulator and pushing the capacity of the fuse (thermally regulated). I recommend only controlling the LED functionality through the BlackBoard and driving power to the LEDs separately. That being said the BlackBoard's ability to drive the LEDs will be limited by a combination of the voltage regulator, fuse, and the ATMega328 pins.

Otherwise, if you are only asking if you can hook up a BlackBoard to a 5V 10A power supply then the answer is yes... the BlackBoard will only draw the current it needs. Again, that current draw is limited by a combination of the voltage regulator, fuse, and the ATMega328.