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I would love to build an autonomous vehicle similar to the Jetbot but using the Wild Thumper. I have both a Jetson Nano and a Jetson Xavier to choose from for the brain. Are there any instructions that I can use? I would love to adapt these instructions for use on the Wild Thumper: TIA.
Hi Dennis.

Sadly we don't have any directions on how to adapt the Wild Thumper for use with a Jetson. I'd suggest using a pair of RC car electronic speed controllers (ESC) or another high current motor driver to operate the motors and having your Jetson supply control signals to those. You might have a look at the hookup guide for our JetBot as a starting point but keep in mind the motor controller for that product is too small for the Wild Thumpers motors so you'd need to figure out a different strategy for getting signals to your ESCs or motor controllers.