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I precisely followed the instructions in the "Spectacle Light Kit Hookup Guide Example" and I see no results on the LED Strip.
The only deviations from the example instructions I notice are:
1) When I put the Director Board in Programming Mode, the green light just blinks continuously. I don't see it blink (3) times then repeat (unless the pause in between 3 it very small).
2) When I install the script, the green light is supposed to blink 10 times then repeat. Once again, I see the green light just repeatedly blinking.

Also, I'm assuming that I'm supposed to hit the RST button on the Director Board to begin the program????

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Hi Robert,

Sorry to hear you're having issues with your Spectacle Light Kit. I'll quickly answer/discuss a few of your questions and issues here.
  1. In programming mode, the Green STAT LED should blink a steady 3-pulse, 1-sec pause, and repeat. It does not stay in Programming mode forever so if you see it blinking ~10 times and pausing just re-enter Programming mode by holding the RST button down, then hold down the PROG button then release the RST button and after you see the 3-blinks, release the PROG button. If that is what you're trying to do and it's not entering Programming mode, something may be wrong with your Director Board.
  2. You are correct, after receiving programming (or, in my testing, after exiting Programming mode automatically after ~30-60 seconds) the STAT LED should be blinking 10 times, then pausing and repeating.
  3. Yes, pressing the RST button should reset the board and run any program uploaded to the Director Board.

    If possible, can you take a short video showing the LED's behavior? I do not recall seeing one that is just continuously blinking so it's possible that is a coded error or indicator of something else going wrong with the Director Board.