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By mperez627
I want to do projection light art project with bare conductive parts
specifically piCap and Touch board pro kit electric Paint, projector and
other pieces if need be to create a retro game emulator complete with
sensor touch and more is this something that's obtainable what would i
need to create this and possibly tutorials if they are around.
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By TS-Mark
Hi mperez627,

Sorry for the delay in our response here but this request is a bit beyond the scope of our support. We do not carry the Bare Conductive Pi Cap so we cannot assist you with questions about that specific product. We do carry the Bare Conductive Touch Board Pro Kit but since we do not manufacture this kit any documentation/tutorials we have available for that product will be linked in the "Documents" tab on the product page. If you have any specific questions about that kit that you cannot find in the documents provided, let us know and we can try and find an answer for you.

Bare Conductive's Tutorials page may have something that helps you get started with this project. You could also try searching around on other tutorials sites like Instructables and for similar projects.