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I have bought 2 kits of Little Soundie and would like to be able to modify project a bit for my purpose. In order to do this:
- I have download latest FW form GIT
- Connect everything correctly
- Debug application

And everything works correct. Problem I cannot solve is programming a kit. I am not able to reprogram a kit (I was able to program it somewhat to sth at least once, but I cannot repeat that once more.

I am able to 'Run/Debug' Program and with it everything works correctly:

and with this type of run I see my uart prints and speaker plays. So I know that I am connected properlly and my FW is ok. However when I try to program all I can see is that everything succeeded and my old image was not erased. (Steps I do are visiable in attachements 1->3)
How to program this board?

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Hi Pawel.

Unfortunately modifying the firmware is beyond the scope of what SparkFun can assist you with. If another forum user is available to assist, they may be able to help you otherwise, you would need to contact VLSI for assistance with their IDE.