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Hi everyone,

I've just bought sparkfun KIT-14604 and started to read the tutorials.
For the first experiment I have a problem I don't understand with the Tessel ports.

I plugged the LED on port a5 (as it is said in the tutorial) but it didn't work until I realised it works on every port except 5 and 6.
Then I found this "Pins 5 and 6 on both ports support Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM). A common way we use them here at SparkFun is to control dimming of RGB LEDs".
So I've added a "led.brightness(255);" to my code but it still doesn't work with 5 and 6 ports.

Even if it works well with the other ports, I would like to understand that issue before going further.

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance,
Hi Arthur,

It looks like you have run into the same issue as this user in regards to how the code we have in that guide names the pins. We're looking into a fix for that but as of right now, we do not have a great solution for using those pins.
Hi again Arthur,

Unfortunately, we do not have a firm ETA on when that will be fixed. This kit is a little more complicated to fix than our other Inventor's Kits since it's a collaboration with the folks at Johnny-Five. The authors of the tutorial are aware of the issue but I'm not sure what the status of the fix is right now.
There's not an issue you would be able to follow along with publicly so we'll just have to do it manually. I will reply to this post once we have a fix in place and have confirmed it works.
Hi Arthur,

It looks like the creator of Johnny Five posted to the topic I linked in my first reply and there should be a new version (v1.2.0) that fixes this issue. I'll link that post again here so you can follow along. Give that fix a try and hopefully, that will let you use those pins for PWM.