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By alpha_spark
Hi, what should be expected for a read range using the kit, 13198, (distance from card to ID-xLA module)? When used with ID-20LA (11828) it is about 74-5mm. Specs indicate 180mm. Can the range be improved? If so, how? Thanks.
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By TS-Chris
Hi alpha.

With the kit and a ID-20LA you should see 2.5" to 2.75" of range in free air. When I swap the ID-12LA for a ID-20LA, I see 3" to 3.75" of range in free air.

The spec for the readers does say more, but the ground plane on our USB reader board cuts the range roughly in half. To maximize range, make sure there is no metal anywhere around the reader, (including behind it) and no metal around the tags. Anything conductive near either the reader or tags will decrease range.