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By lross
I have the lsm303c breakout board and I am trying to communicate with it via the 16 bit SPI interface available on a Microchip dsPIC33FJ128MC204. I connect MOSI through a 74hc126 tristate driver. After 8 clocks the driver is disabled (there is a 10k pullup on the line ). During the first 8 clocks an '8f' (read Who_am_I register) is sent. I am assuming that at this point the lsm303c should respond with the data in the addressed register but nothing happens. I know the SPI MISO is functioning because it receives the '8f' that was sent.

The PIC and the lsm303c are supplied with 3.3V and the active low chip select is asserted during the 16 clock cycle. I have 2 of the breakout boards and neither responds. What am I missing? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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