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By klenssen
Hi all,

I am fairly new to IMU's and Arduinos, but am looking to use an at least 9-axis IMU but end with analog data.

Right now, I am thinking of starting with the IMU Breakout MPU-9250 (, into a mini Arduino pro, into a 12C DAC Breakout MCP 4725 (

Would that work? Curious before I buy the parts...

Thank you very much!
Hi klenssen!

You're on the right path, but the MCP4725 only has a single output and you can put a maximum of 2 on a single I2C bus. Not sure how many analog outs you're looking for but if it's more than 2, I'd recommend a different DAC. You could split your bus with something like the Qwiic Mux and have up to 16 MCP4725's connected to one uC but it might be easier for you to use a DAC that has 4 or 8 outputs.

Sadly, we don't carry a DAC with more than 1 output, but there are DACs available with more than one. It would probably be less complex to use one of those.