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By BlueShark7789
I downloaded the Sparkfun Library for the MAG3110 Magnetometer, but I cannot get it to work. The MAG3110 Magnetometer example codes do not show up in my Adruino IDE example section.

Using as of this writing using Arduino IDE 1.8.9, and using Windows 10.

I'm not a complete begginer, I have installed Arduino Libraries from different sources for various boards.

The names that I have tried calling the folder where the MAG3110 files are for the Arduino Library folder are.....

1) SparkFun_MAG3110_Breakout_Board_Arduino_Library
2) SparkFun_MAG3110
3) SparkFun
4) MAG3110
5) SparkFun_MAG3110_Breakout_Board_Arduino_Library-master

None of these names work, note that after re-naming or re-installing the folder with these names and restarting the Arduino IDE ... there is no effect, I still dont see the example folder for the MAG3110 in the Arduino IDE example section.

I am willing to try a set of instructions to get this fixed..

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By TS-Mark
Hi BlueShark7789,

If you manually installed the Arduino library from the GitHub Repository the issue might be that the actual contents of the library (eg. examples and src folders) are embedded in too many folders after unzipping that download. Double check that when you open the library master folder (whatever you have named it) it opens directly to the "Examples" and "SRC" folders and does not have a second "master" folder named something like "SparkFun_MAG3110_Breakout_Board_Arduino_Library-master".

If that does not work, try deleting the library from your Arduino\Libraries folder and either using the zip installer tool or the Arduino Library Manager tool to install the library. If you use the Library Manager, just search for "SparkFun MAG3110" and you should find it.