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I purchased a 9DoF Sensor Stick with a Teensy 3.2. On the web page for the 9DoF Sensor Stick (, there is an embedded video in which a program called FreeIMU Calibration Application is used to calibrate the sensor stick and display its measurements. I have tried to get the FreeIMU Calibration Application to work by following these instructions: ... alibration
I have successfully been able to download the Sparkfun LSM9DS1 Library and run the example program (LSM9DS1_Basic_I2C) that comes with the library, which seemed to print accurate data. However, when I run FreeIMU_serial_2, which comes with the FreeIMU Library, the data that it prints seems to be very inaccurate. When I run the Processing program FreeIMU_Cube_Odo, it similarly displays inaccurate data. When I run the FreeIMU Calibration Application, connect it to the COM port, and click on "Start Sampling," it does not seem to collect any data at all.
The process of getting FreeIMU to work seems to be much more difficult than I initially anticipated. I am wondering how I can get it to work and if I am overlooking something basic. It would also be great if there was a simpler and more up-to-date alternative to FreeIMU that could calibrate the sensor stick and visually display its data. Thanks.
Hi trevoras1,

Unfortunately, that is just a demonstration using the FreeIMU software in the embedded video and not something we provide support for. That is not a SparkFun library so we cannot help with issues with it. It sounds like your 9DoF Sensor Stick is working fine with our code, so the issue sounds to be with the FreeIMU software/library, not the board. You could try searching or posting an Issue on that GitHub repository for help with this issue.

I am sorry we cannot help you with this issue but hopefully, this information points you in the right direction for assistance with the FreeIMU software/library. If you have any other questions or concerns about the 9Dof Sensor Stick and the SparkFun library, let us know and we would be happy to help as much as we can.