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I have programmed the SparkFun 9DoF IMU Breakout - LSM9DS1 with my Particle.IO dev kit.
With the LSM9D21 library (GitHub), I am reading x,y,z values for gyro, accel and magnet ICs .

I have two questions:

1. So for gyro x,y,x values, these are being calculated as dps:

Gyro: -0.74, -0.04, 0.39 deg/s

My requirement is to calculate the absolute values not the rate of change. How can I do that?

2. I also need to calculate Azimuth (i.e. direction north, east, south, west?) and Elevation? Can I do this with this IC?

Hey Syed. Thanks for posting on the forums.

I regret to say that the extent of my knowledge on this product is limited to the hook-up guide and the code that we use to show that the product is running according to the specifications in the code.

Considering this product is primarily on a breakout board, I would imagine that studying the datasheet for the chip onboard is your best course of action for understanding if this sensor can accomplish what you need for your project: ... asheet.pdf

You may also want to post on the ST forums and see if a seasoned Support Moderator can assist you or see if someone in the community can point you in the right direction:

I wish you the best and apologize that I do not have a better answer.