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By realogics
I have tried to incorporate Gamepad HID using NickHoods HID Project Comments on Github indicates compatibility with SAMD21. I have gotten the Keyboard to work, but not the Gamepad. When configured as Gamepad, the Widnows "Game Controlller" panel does detect the Razor identified as "SFE" for Sparkfun Electronics, but none of the controls work.

Has anyone been successful in getting Gamepad HID to work on 9DoF Razor IMU? If so, might you have source code example to share?
I haven't really tried to use it as a gamepad, but I have had success using it as a mouse and keyboard. I wrote a blog post with some example code. If I remember correctly, the one time I tried to turn it into a gamepad I had a bunch of issues, so I decided to use it as a mouse and keyboard since the controls were virtually the same on a PC and testing the controls was easier.