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I am super new to this kind of tech world so this question is probably super simple but -

If all I care about is obtaining the values from the acc/gyro./magn./ then do I really need the Razor IMU? Cant i just use this $6 one?
link: ... lsrc=aw.ds

My PI suggested the Sparkfun one, but I am not really understanding why that one would be preferred. I don't have a use to save that data. Is it possibly because one is more accurate results and has less noise or....?

Please help
Hello, and thanks for your post.

The Razor M0 has a MPU-9250 on it along with a microcontroller that is able to extract data from the MPU-9250 and send it over USB. If you already have a microcontroller, you could just use a breakout board for the MPU-9250. If all you're looking for is data and don't want to mess around with programming, the Razor M0 would be a better choice.