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By knatesan06
I have been using the MPU 9250 Razor Sensor for my project, I have programmed to work it in full range scale for all the sensors inbuilt in it. So once we record the motions , we get large no. of data's in txt file as it say accel(X,Y,Z), Gyro(x,y,z) and same way for magnetometer also.
Considering the gyro's, the data sheet says t is tuned into +_2000 dps. So the output produced can be directly used as degree /s or do we need to cal the dps using the LSB/Sec .
I want the gyro to produce dps output.
I suggest using the default example firmware mentioned in the hookup guide. You can change the full-scale range through the serial interface and record the DMP data for the gyro (it will already be in degrees per second).

Otherwise, you will need to write your own code to interpret the raw data. Unfortunately, we don't have a guide for that and it is outside the scope of the what we provide.