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Hi - I'm hoping for a little help. Can anyone point to an example sketch that logs the accelerometer data to the microSD - I am using the 9DOF Razor IMU m0 board. The examples and hook-up guide associated with the IMU m0 don't seem to have that capability built-in. I can try to piece together examples from other sketches, but I was hoping for something to get up and logging asap (it's been many years since I've tinkered with sketches :) ).
Hi brydenrh,

The stock firmware that comes pre-loaded on the 9DoF Razor will print and log accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and quaternion values from the MPU-9250 if it detects an SD card is present on the board.

If you want to add logging to the other examples, you will want to reference that firmware code and work on integrating it with whichever example you wish to use. If you want to use the stock firmware to log and are not getting anything saved, make sure your SD card is formatted to either FAT16 or FAT32 as the SD library does not work with newer file formats like exFAT.

I hope this helps you get started logging data with your 9DoF Razor. If you continue to have issues or have other questions about the 9DoF Razor, please reply to this post and we would be happy to help as much as we can.