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By Chris_P
Finally got it working. I was using different formulas to calculate pitch and roll, so I thought I better try Robert's way and see if it makes a difference. And it did. Thanks for the code Robert :D
By Norritt
Hi probebly some one ellse willhave the same problem as me.
So if you get to small values you have change the period Select to a larger value. if you only still think you get the hige byte try with a magnet and try overflow it.
This did take me some time to figure out.
Hopfuly this will help some one.
By jterickson17
Could someone share some example orientation positions and values?
+pitch means nose down
-pitch means nose up
+roll means leaning right
-roll means leaning left
level means pitch = roll =0

My tilt compensation seems to be making thhings muh worse, but all of my orientation values seem to check out. I'm
afraid I'm missing a sign.