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By SebaS
Hello Everybody!!!

Well, I'm stuck again; but now it's about Float Point Operations.
I'm using a Motorola HCS12 and I'm programming it with CodeWorrior (in C language), wich won't let me do any float point operation.

Whe I compile my project, this errors flash:

"Symbol _FADD in <path> is undefined"

"Symbol _FMUL in <path> is undefined"

"Symbol _FSFLOAT in <path> is undefined"

I don't know much but I guess those missing symbols are the definitions of the routines that make such operations.

The problem is: Where are (should be) those routines????? or Where can I get them?

I've found (from an old project) the routines for HC11. But in there, the symbol's names where different. For example it says "__fpadd" instead of "_FADD" so I renamed it. [I still don't know if that works]. Same thing with "_FMUL". But I couldn't find the symbol "_FSFLOAT" or it alias. So I'm stuck! :x

By stevech
the readers of this forum area are Atmel AVR folks. Maybe you need to inquire of users in a forum for that microprocessor?