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By grilialex
This is an Embedded Systems Round-Robin OS made originally for the AVR family. It is now as open source under CDDL License.

I use this system as a baseline for all my embedded systems projects. It allows rapid application development as the hardware configuration of basic things like SysTick & Uart is very easy. It requires WinAVR (GCC) and programming tools for your target.

In V1.20 (latest) i have updated the FPGA Support Code and i have included a demo 8 channel R/C Servo Controller.
Video demonstrating the design can be found here: ... ideo_title

Extra tools you may find useful is an FPGA to C source converter. This tool gets an FPGA bitstream or a CPLD XSVF file and generates a constant C table for use in your sources.

In V1.23 I have made a bug fix and some enhancements to the SysTick module. Example application is a safe Pump controller.

Source Code also available from Mercurial (Hg) repository on Sourceforge Project.

Resources: (Articles, Code, etc):
My Site: ... OS&lang=en
Documentation also available at: