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By deepaksolanki
Hello Sir,
I am using a gyroscope sensor from analog device (ADIS16250/ADIS16255)for measurement of angular rate. I want to interface it with AVR as i don't have gyroscope evaluation board provided by analog device. My question is:
How to interface it with AVR and how to measure the angular rate?
Can you help me please regarding this.
By stevech
Data sheet shows an SPI interface. Most microprocessors, AVR included, have an SPI port.
It'll take a lot of learning and coding and trial and error, but getting there is half the fun.
Maybe simplified if Arduino has an SPI library.
By stevech
Did you try Google Search "atmel SPI application note"?
I did, and immediately found
AVR107: Interfacing AVR microcontrollers with serial memories(22 pages, revision A, updated 03/05)
This application note describes the functionality and the architecture of SPI serial memories drivers as well as the motivation of the selected solution.

there are lots more. Maybe in the Projects section of web site, and browse the forum there too.