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I have ordered ATmega328, but while I am waiting for them, I want to get the LED blink.

Currently I use ATmega8, but the LED doesn't blink for the Tutorial-2. I have read various posts on the topic, but none work at all.

I use the Serial programmer, and when Programmer's Notepad, and PonyProg2000 both confirm writing the MCU successfully. PonyProg read the MCU successfully.

Please please please. I really want to be able to see the LED blink. I only need to know how to manage the ports.

I have changed the avrdude settings to COM1 and ponyser.

Is there something in the .c file that needs to be changed? since the .hex file is dependent on it.

When I get my ATmega328, will the default Tutorial-2 setup work successfully on it?

Thank you
I think I have found my problem :D

I have built the Serial Programmer from this diagram

At first I thought there may have been a problem with the .c file... which turned out to be perfectly fine.

I suspect that I have fried that tiny, really tiny transistor... a friend of mine accidentally broke the programmer's transistor off, which obviously required to replace the transistor.

on testing the programmer with the original file setup, and avrdude COM1 and ponyser settings, the LED blinked!!!! I am so happy now.

anyway, word of advice: use a "normal" NPN transistor, that SOT-23 transistor is really tiny to handle. I have fried 3 of those SOT-23's in the event of construction. It's internal components can not handle much heat. Either solder quickly or use a normal transistor.

Well, I also saved R280.00 (approximately $37.00, in South Africa). This cost me less than R20.00 to build (less than $3.00)

Now I have to learn how to use inputs...

Again: if you intend to build the serial programmer, you can also do it on a breadboard, or use small resistors, diodes and normal transistor (all will fit into the DB9FH serial connector).

take care, enjoy...