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By foxkid
I have the Arduino (whatever), the 328 chip on a board from SparkFun. It works well with the Ethernet shield, but I have not been able to make it work with the color LCD shield.

No matter if built for Epson or Phillips controllers, the LCD remains a dim purple blue. The DC-DC converter is working, so I have backlight voltage.

I've watched the CS, Reset, Data Out, and CLK pins on an oscilloscope, and all looks fine -- 9 bit write cycles with CS low.

I tried reversing the sense of the CLK, since one spec seemed to have a positive clock whereas the native code from SparkFun uses a negative clock. No difference.

Do I assume the LCD is defective and return it?

What else should I try?

-- Carl
By Jimb0
Hey Carl,

Is the "(whatever)" of your Arduino a Duemilanove (USB Board)? Or do you have a Pro? How are you powering the Arduino? I don't think any of that should be an issue, but I want to cover everything.

What code are you using? If you're not already, I'd really suggest the Example Code ( ... that's posted. This tutorial will explain how to get it on your Arduino via the USB bootloader: ... als_id=142, check out the 'Serial bootloading an Arduino board' section. Does that code leave you with the same blank purple-ish screen?

For what it's worth, I'd really expect the LCD you got with it to be an Epson-controlled one.

By foxkid
As a last measure, I'm re-porting the code you referenced to the Arduino Sketch platform, but I think it is a bad module. Power supply looks good. Signalling is good.

I'll have to figure out how to contact SparkFun and get an RMA # for an exchange.