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By hopper1068

Now we just need more libraries for components like these.

I can't help but think that Sparkfun would give you free components in exchange for well written, tested libs like yours.

Can't hurt to ask them... especially if you're looking for a specific component. Worst case, you might get a discount.

Here's your justification: people like me are more apt to buy a Sparkfun component if it's got a library to go with it.
By Sabesto
hopper1068 wrote: Here's your justification: people like me are more apt to buy a Sparkfun component if it's got a library to go with it.
Yes, I totally agree with you there. The main reason I bought this is because I wanted to start with something easy, a library like this would have been a great help. Instead i had to figure out a lot myself and write that library to get started. Other beginners might not be as patient, and might simply give up on the whole deal if they end up in the same position as I was.

But because of this i feel that i have learned a lot, which was the whole point of this purchase, i don't really need the display :)
By Laminar
hopper1068 wrote:Any luck, Laminar?
I just wanted to let you know that I'm still keeping up on this thread, but I haven't gotten a chance to try anything new yet. I was on vacation last week and I'm overseas for work now. I hope to get back on this once I'm home.
By takio
Hi all

first post so pardon the noobiness...

my serial GLCD (128x64) is acting up big time. I uploaded summoningDark's firmware using an Arduino UNO as ISP (followed tutorial) and I thing something got borked.
The display starts up reversed and prints "white over black", can't get it back to normal. Reset, reverse color, nothing does the trick. The demo() function is gone so I think the firmware update was effective (says so in the FW README, demo gone), but then again, even before the update I couldn't get things like drawData(produces garbage characters) or toggleFont(no effect) to work. Commands just don't seem to go through, other than basic text printing.
This both via Arduino serial (TX-1) and NewSoftSerial. Strangely, with NewSoftSerial the display works on 9600 baud, not the default 115200.

Not sure what info I should provide more...

By akarls87
Hi guys!

Since it seems like this LCD will work better with the already mentioned firmware my aim is to flash my backpack with this. However I can't seem to find any instructions on how I should do. I've read that people are using WINAVR and suppose I have connected the programmer in a correct way, how do I proceed to actually flash the MCU? Are there any tutorials to read maybe?

Help would be much appreciated!

regards from Sweden
By Laminar
Three years later and I'm back at it. I tried compiling the code hopper1068 offered, only to find that Arduino 1.0 doesn't support the BYTE keyword. Any suggestions on how to remedy this?

I did notice that "NewSoftSerial" is now a part of the standard libraries and is called "SoftwareSerial", so I was able to make those adjustments in the code.
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