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Preface: So a couple weeks ago I had my OpenLog logging data like a champ from my Arduino with all the default OpenLog settings. I started working on getting my GPS set up how I need, then back to OpenLog to log that GPS data. It's a 10Hz GPS that needs at least 38400 baud to operate, so I wanted to change the baud on OpenLog. I connected OpenLog to my 3.3V FTDI breakout, pulled up minicom (Linux hyper terminal) and set it up to connect over the FTDI.

I fire things up, and I get "1" from OpenLog, so far so good. Pop in the microSD card I've successfully used to log in the past and OpenLog sends "12<", great. I tap ctrl+z to switch to command mode and I get "12<12<12<12<12<12<12<12<12<12<12<12<" firing away at my terminal. Since I hadn't used the FTDI to connect to OpenLog before, I decided to load my test sketch I had written for my Arduino just to verify everything is still working like before. The sketch waits for 12< and when it's received, it toggles a status LED and starts feeding OpenLog a bunch of analog values from a sensor (I also output this and anything from OpenLog to the Serial monitor in the ArduinoIDE). Well now, I get the 12< and it starts logging, but in the SerialMonitor, amongst my analog values I see "12<"s all over the place.

Back to FTDI, I noticed as soon as I get "12<" when inserting the card, OpenLog waits patiently for data over it's Rx pin. The instant it gets ANYTHING (ie: whacking any key on my keyboard), it starts looping "12<12<12<12<12<12<12<[...]". I've done the reset procedure which gave me the correct LED blink sequence, I've reformatted the card, double and triple checked my wiring, I don't see what's wrong. As far as I can tell, I haven't changed anything since this thing was working perfectly a couple weeks ago.

Any ideas?