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I'm pretty sure there's a bootloader on the device that I have, which is a SparkFun OpenLog, -
( ... ts_id=9530) but I don't know if its an arduino bootloader.

I do know that the device will accept Arduino sketches, since I once did that, inadvertantly (I won't go into that ). However I don't know what, if anything, happened to the existing program, which came with the device. I sent it to SPARKFUN after that, they reworked for me, then sent it back. I was then able to get it operating as it should.

But now, I've screwed it up again by trying to change OpenLog's baud rate, and it is locked in an endless loop of continuous '12<' when ever I try to enter data to it. Since it is useless to me in that mode, I thought that I could just download other programs to it so that it will be useful in some form. :oops: :(


OpenLog firmware is open source and is based on Roland Riegel's FAT library. OpenLog currently supports FAT16 (upto 2GB microSD cards). We're working on FAT32 and would love your help!

I'm afraid that my infernal "tinkering" with the device screwed it up again.