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By Panikos
Hi all, i was wondering if anyone can give me any info with regards to ardumoto.
I am using pins 10,11,12,13 as per documentation and the following work as expected:
  • pin10,pin11,pin12,pin13,
However 255,255,LOW,LOW turns both motors off when in my understanding they should both be reversed.

i used the sample code from ... motoShield when i run into this trouble with my code. Exact same thing happens with both pieces of code.

seems to me that this guy has the same problem but the post was of no help:

Could someone give me a guiding hand?
By mechomaniac
It's possible that the motors that you are using draw too much current, causing problems with the power supply to the Arduino. Does the code work with a multimeter in place of a motor?
By Panikos
Thanks for the reply and the suggestions. I will have a try when I can and post back with results.
By Panikos
You advice was spot on. hooking up to a battery not only gave results as expected but also increased the performance of the motors in terms of response time and speed/stregth.