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By dimkasta
I m really having trouble understanding how this works...

The backpack keeps scrolling the cursor erasing everything.
Even when I manage to get something written on the serial, it appears a bit gibberish most of the times, and after a while it get erased by the scrolling cursor.

Could you guys please give me a hello world thingy in arduino language on how to reset it or something and start giving it simple text and commands?

Thanks in advance.
By whoismaha
I recently bought two Serial Graphic LCD 128x64 modules and had a little trouble.

The set X and set Y commands are wrong on the datasheet. You have to use 0x18 and 0x19 not 0x17 and 0x18. Also the Y is inverted, so the origin is actually the bottom left corner. Not sure if the bigger LCD is the same? but probably.

If you want to just see if your display is working you can try this:
void setup()
//Change backlight value
Serial.print(0x7C,BYTE); // cmd
Serial.print(0x02,BYTE); // brightness
Serial.print(0x40,BYTE); // value between 0-100
//Run the built in demo
Serial.print(0x7C,BYTE); // cmd
Serial.print(0x04,BYTE); // demo
void loop() {}