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By Storm
This is the first time trying to develop a project with an AVR (MEGA32) involved. What is the best approach to interface Xbee to AVR to PC.

Xbee ---- gather sensor info
AVR ---- process data (might be used as stand alone unit)
PC ---- GUI Interface

Not looking for code; I need to learn something, but the best approach.

Thanks ahead of time


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By stevech
Tell us about the complexity of the data and the processing.
The XBee can sample and transmit off the shelf.

Also, tell us about storage volume and time between uploads to PC.
By Storm
The data itself is not that complex; as of right now two sensors measuring temp and proximity; remotely passing that data via the Xbee network to an AVR acting as the controller. This controller itself will process the data and display on LCD. Also will pass the processed data to the PC, via USB for further processing and storage. The time between measurements would be approx every 1 min.

I know I can communicate between the XBee and AVR, but trying to come up with a logical approach to interfacing with the PC. Again I'm looking to for the best approach and to see if my thinking is correct.

After little more reading, planning to use a FT245RL between the AVR and PC; if that makes sense.
By whoismaha
A typical setup would be Xbee plus Arduino as a standalone unit. That transmits to an Xbee + xbee_explorer attached to your PC. That way your arduino is mobile and untethered.

But it sounds like your sensor gathering can be done with just a solo Xbee. You could use your Mega32 instead of an xbee_explorer except that board only has one set of serial lines? So the Mega32 can't interface with both an xbee and the PC at the same time through serial.

So here's my suggestion for hardware:
Remote sensor: 1x Xbee
PC GUI interface: 1x Xbee, 1x Xbee_Explorer

The only place you could put the Mega32 is on the sensor side with the lone Xbee. But if you wanted to attach your Mega32 to the PC, you can use Sparkfun's FTDI breakout (FT245RL). Also note that most LCDs use a serial line as well.

FTDI basic breakout 5v: ... ts_id=9115
Xbee explorer: ... ts_id=8687
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