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By mjbcswitzerland
Hi All

Please note that the uTasker AVR32 project has been released today - see


There is a new tutorial guiding new users through working with the uTasker AVR32 simulator to test a complete embedded internet project and run it on the EVK1105:

New uTasker users are welcome. It is completely free for non-commercial use and supported in the uTasker forum:


By mjbcswitzerland
Hi All

Note that the latest version uTasker AVR32 V1.4-2 now includes support for UC3B types and has been fully verified on EVK1100, EVK1101 and EVK1105 boards. ... 42#msg3342

The latest graphics library (uGLCDLIBV1.1) is included - full details:

The next release is planned around Christmas time, with SD card support using utFAT (uTasker FAT), with simple user interface for DOS like file viewing via UART, USB and TELNET, plus full integration in FTP and HTTP servers. Optionally with or without long file name operation and optional 'Linux' workaround to avoid patent problems...;-)

If you still don't know the project give it a try - it simulates the devices and can help slash project development times (with serial and HTTP loaders, TCP/IP and much more - also available for several other devices like LPC2XXX, SAM7X, Luminary Cortex M3 and more...).


By stevech
No version for ARM7, NXP 21xx?
By mjbcswitzerland

The LPC2XXX package has LPC2101..LPC2106 support (the project can be compiled from an LPC2101 to LPC2106 and LPC23xx to LPC2478 with a single project define (of course the TCP/IP part is disabled when an LPC21XX is used) plus adjustment of linker script to suit and the start-up file (the interrupt handling is non compatible between LPC21XX and LPC23XX). The devices are also accurately simulated (see screen shots below)

There is no USB support for the LPC2XXX devices at the moment but this should become available shortly (the SAM7X, M522XX and Luminary projects do contain USB device support).

A beta version for the LPC17XX is also available for NXP Cortex M3 fans.



uTasker simulator running a simulated LPC24XX with TFT.

uTasker simulator running a simulated LPC2103 with character LCD.
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