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By jbvw96
So i just got an avr and ISP. I've figured out compiling and loading code. I've successfully been able to make an LED blink. Now i'm stuck. I'm having trouble getting more complicated example codes to work.

I have coding experience, mostly in MatLab. But my c experience is limited to one college course nine years ago.

I was hoping someone could recommend a good resource to get started programing C code for the AVR. I would totally be willing to buy a book.

By stevech
look at the projects section on

and Smiley's book. And his column in Nuts N Volts magazine.
By signal7
Probably nothing will help you more than the K&R C handbook. It's a cheap little book that details the C language standard from many years ago. I know I've gotten a lot of mileage out of mine.

Beyond that, I do the same as you do - look at other projects that are out there and borrow a code snippet or two for my own purposes (license permitting, of course).