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By billroy
Announcing Bitlash 0.9

Hello and good day. I've posted a Bitlash update that Arduino users lurking here might find useful. Runs great on the Sparkfun Arduino Pro Mini!

Bitlash 0.9 is now available for download here:

Bitlash is an open source development and prototyping shell that runs on Arduino. It is useful when you need to bang some bits on the Arduino but writing a sketch in C is premature.

The Bitlash command language is very similar to Arduino C and includes a large repertiore of the familiar Arduino C functions so you can hack your hardware from the USB serial command line or even over the internet.
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bitlash v0.9d here! ...
> print "hello, world", analogRead(3), 2+2, 1 << 3
hello, world 552 4 8
You can store command sequences in EEPROM and autostart them at bootup, making the automation and maintenance of small applications very easy.

Here is a list of updates in Bitlash 0.9:

- Telnet to Your Arduino: AdaFruit Ethershield support

Telnet-to-bitlash is working on the AdaFruit shield. The interrupt-driven serial rx support underneath this feature should work with other ethernet shields, too. Details on the new Porting page.

- Hardware support updates: Mega328P, Sanguino

How does 2x or 4x the flash and EEPROM sound? Bitlash support for the ATMega328 and ATMega644 is in this build. More on the Porting page.

- New functions: beep(pin, freq, dur) and shiftOut()


- Bitlash C API and the Macro Tastic Clock

Integrate Bitlash into your application with the Bitlash C API. See the new API page for documentation on the API and a working clock example that triggers macros on the hour, minute, and second.

-License updated to LGPL 2.1

For compatibility with the community.

For more on bitlash visit