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By ignatius
I am trying to use the atmega168 to work with the Nordic nrf2401a and the eb-85a which is a gps module (32 channel Etek GPS 5HZ with antenna).
Can you advise me as to which input and output pins I should use or put it simply how to connect them up with the right pins so that they can work?
Also do you have a ready source code that I can use using AVR instead of PIC.
Below is an example of how I want to use the Nordic transceiver.

Example for use:
I am a tour guide on a tour with 40 tourist. Every time I board the
coach after each itenary I have to do a manual headcount. Instead of
that I am trying to build a small handheld device like a pda where I
can count the number of passengers within say a 50 m radius and I know
my pda indicator will show everyone is on board in the coach when I
have to go from point a to point b. I can attached to each passenger a
small devise that they can wear on.

I hope this explanation is clear and you may be able to give me a
better suggestion or advise.

I have bought the necessary components. What I am asking is how to connect the controller,the Nordic transceiver and the gps to communicate with each other? Meaning what inputs or outputs I need to connect them to each other?

Also may I know what are development boards used for? Do they allow me to connect the three devices I mentioned to each other through the boards or they are just used for programming?

Do I need to program the transceiver or not? Or do I just connect it to atmega168 outputs for it to function?
Again likewise for the GPS how do I connect it to the atmeag168 and do I need to program the gps as well? Can I do it through the AVRP28 DEVELOPMENT BOARD?
I have also bought the gps evaluation board so can I use the two boards to connect to each other for the gps to function?

For the power supply can I just used any home adapters that is able to output 9v dc?

As for the gps evaluation board I can supply 9 v dc using the input jack or the usb. What is the 12mm coin cell battery on the evaluation board for?

I am quite new to these things and would greatly appreciate your kind assistance.

I have ordered the following:

Items shipped in this package:
2 x COM-07957 : AVR 28 Pin 20MHz 16K 6A/D - ATMega168
2 x DEV-00029 : 28 Pin AVR Development Board
2 x WRL-00152 : Transceiver nRF2401A with Chip Antenna
2 x GPS-08266 : 32 Channel ETek GPS 5Hz Receiver with Antenna
2 x GPS-08334 : GPS Evaluation Board

Can you share with me the how in terms of connecting them up and suggested software programme to achieve what I wanted to do for the tracking? Appreciate your prompt reply and kind assistance.