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By gabeand
Hello. I'm trying to get the DX160 Serial LCD to work with my picaxe microcontroller. I'm using the 08M, and the code is relatively short. However, I cannot get it to do anything. I've used the demo program provided in order to use my PC's RS-232 connection to control it. I've even converted those RS-232 signals to TTL by using the MAX232, and the screen still worked. But when I tried using my picaxe to do even the simplest command, it wouldn't do anything. The following code was supposed to clear the screen:

serout 1, N2400_4, (186)

But the splash screen still remains. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
By jasonharper
The DX160 manual wrote:Software selectable baud rates from 4,800 to 115,200.
Why are you expecting 2400 baud to do anything? Unfortunately, it appears that the only way to get even 4800 baud out of your 08M is to use 'sertxd' instead of 'serout', which doesn't give you any choice of which pin to use.
By gabeand
I see what happened. According to the manual I have, it can actually go to 2400 baud. I changed the baud rate using the example software. I hooked it up to my pc and changed the baud rate first. Then, I hooked it up to my picaxe. I'm pretty sure it is set to 2400 baud because when I power it up, the splash screen says that's what it's set at.

However, I looked at the manual on the sparkfun website just now, and it appears to be different. Maybe people are having trouble making 2400 baud work? I will try using a different baud rate and see what happens. Thanks!
By whayworth
I've got a sneaking suspicion you might get more help if you were to post this in the PIC forum. :)

But since it's here...has the baud rate change worked?
By jasonharper
If your DX160 can actually be set to 2400 baud, then I think the problem was that you had your signal inverted - try T2400_4 mode on the PICAXE instead.
By gabeand
Oops, I'm sorry. I didn't realize that I put this post in the wrong forum section. I am working with a picaxe, and I believe that is different from a pic microcontroller, so where should I put this post?

By the way, I have not had time to try out a different baud rate, but I will try it soon. Thanks everyone, for all your help.
By whayworth
Quoth Wikipedia:
PICAXE is the name of a UK-sourced microcontroller system based on a range of Microchip PICs.
The AVR's very different, as I understand it, in underlying architecture from the PIC, so you'd best post in there. :)
By gabeand
Ahah! I got it. I needed to set it to idle high, so I used the following code:

serout 1, T2400, (186)

Thanks very much for everyone's help.
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