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By Nishant
Hey I'm using HX711 with pi3 and everything looks to be working fine but is there any advantage of using qwiic scale with pi3, and how do we connect qwiic scale to pi3 i2c, can you recommend me all the hardware required for qwiic scale to work,also what python library should I use for qwiic scale?

Please share any python code associated with qwiic scale.

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By TS-Mark
Hi Nick,

In terms of hardware, all you really need to connect the Qwiic Scale to a Pi would be something like the Qwiic Female Jumper Cable. We also have the SparkFun Qwiic pHAT if you want to use standard Qwiic cables.

To get started with this project, I would recommend reading through the Qwiic Scale Hookup Guide if you have not already. Unfortunately, we only have an Arduino Library for the Qwiic Scale right now so you would need to write your own Python library or find one online to use the NAU7802 IC with Python.