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By mholl

I am part of a biomedical engineering team that recently purchased a Force Sensitive Resistor linked below to use in a project. We collected data, but are confused as to how we can take the data the sensor provides and convert that to a pressure value. It says in the documentation that the sensor outputs Force (g) but what is this g exactly and how would we go about converting it to something like PSI? Thanks for any help! ... rguide.pdf
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By TS-Chris
Hi, and thanks for posting in the forums!

Force sensitive resistors don't really have an output with a specific unit other that their resistance in ohms. If you wanted to convert the output to something like PSI, you'd need to apply a know force to the resistor and then take note of it's output. By applying several known forces to the sensor and graphing the output, you should be able to determine an equation that will convert the output to a PSI value.