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By JoeyC123
Has anyone ever had issues with openscale and a wheatstone bridge not allowing for calibration? I am using a bluetooth mate silver attached to my openscale. Once opening the Aurdino platform and opening the serial monitor, it doesn't give me the option to calibrate but instead starts taking readings. The menu for calibration doesn't even come up. Also if I try using a USB connection, it gives me the menu for calibration but once trying to calibrate, the values wont start consistant but instead keep getting larger and larger no matter how much I adjust the calibration factor. Did I mess up the code loaded onto the openscale? Thanks.
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By TS-Chris
While you're logged into your account on the website, visit the link below for status on your RMA.

It does look like you have an active RMA with the number of 20576 and we should have sent out a return label already. Double check your spam folder if you don't see it.
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By woodpc
I had struggled with the calibration with this for a long time, it did not work until you (TS) posted these instruction:OK, lets try this:
Make sure the Serial monitor is set to 9600 baud and 'No line ending'.
Take the weight off the scale.
Type an x into the send box and click send to access the menu.
Type a 1 into the send box and click send to tare the scale.
Wait a few seconds for the scale to tare.
Now type a 2 into the send box and click send.
Place your weight onto the scale.
Type any letter in the send box and click send.
Type 24.00000000000 for 24lbs. and click send. (You need 14 characters total including the decimal point to fill the array for weight.)
Type an x in the send box and click send to exit the menu.
At this point you should be calibrated and ready to go and weights should be printing. If you're still having trouble, please snap some photos showing your setup, zip them up into a single file and attach those to a reply and we will look to see if there is something wrong with your hardware.

The instructions in the guide do not work! What you sent above do!