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By Lilmil00
Hello all,
I am currently trying to get accurate readings from the MS5803-14BA Pressure Sensor to my Arduino Uno R3. So far, I am stuck on the libraries page. Sparkfun's primary page detailing how to download the code is inaccurate.

It says, "Now download the latest MS5803 software archive from this link: ... You can either save the file to your system and open it later, or open it directly. Open the .zip file you just downloaded. (On most systems you should be able to double-click it to show the included files.) Open the folder called "MS5803-14BA_Breakout-master", then "Libraries", then "Arduino". You should now see a folder called "SFE_MS5803_14BA_I2C". Drag the "SFE_MS5803_14BA_I2C" folder from the .zip folder into your personal Arduino sketch folder."

However, when I download and save the .zip folder, there is no "SFE_MS5803_14BA_I2C", only one Arduino demo that gives off really inaccurate readings and says there is no .h file in my libraries even though there is because I downloaded the entire file and saved it to my arduinos library. Any help or suggestions would be great, really trying to get some code for this pressure sensor that works!
By n1ist
I just downloaded it and I see the library. They had problems the past two days with power and servers being down, so you may have just caught things at a bad time.
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By bboyho
I have not tested that sensor before but that is the old method of installing a library. It's still valid if it is placed in the correct path. I believe the *.cpp and *.h file should be in a folder called "SparkFun_MS5803_I2C". I highly recommend using the Arduino IDE's library manager. If you have not already, try downloading code using the Arduino IDE's Library Manager with using "ms5803-14BA" in the search. I'll look into trying to get tutorial that updated.

PS: The latest library can be found here => ... no_Library.