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Questions &/or issues related to products in the Environment category should be posted in this forum. Includes Air Quality, Altitude, Atmospheric & barometric pressure, Combo boards & other, Temperature & humidity, etc.
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By aheit33
The features tab on the CCS811 sparkfun page ( states the range of the sensor is "Total Volatile Organic Compound (TVOC) sensing from 0 to 1,187 parts per billion". But the actual data sheet ( ... _v1-06.pdf) from AMS states 0ppb up to 32768ppb on page 12.

Any insight as to why these are different or if one is incorrect?

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By TS-Mark
Hi Austin,

I am pretty sure those ranges for TVOC and eCO2 are from the datasheet used on the SparkX version of the breakout and are just out of date. It looks like we received an updated datasheet from ams but did not update the specifications to match those listed in the datasheet. I will let our Catalog team know about the out-of-date specifications for this sensor and we will get the Features tab updated with the correct data.