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By ehansen2580
I just received two of these units and got them running. I checked the antenna tuning and they seem to be running right at 500 kHz. We just had a lightning storm roll over our place but all I got were disturbers with over 100 incidents.
I'm trying the example code with this heading: By: Elias Santistevan SparkFun Electronics Date: July, 2019
License: This code is public domain but you buy me a beer if you use this and we meet someday (Beerware license).
Example 2 These are the settings that come up when I boot:
18:16:34.781 -> AS3935 Franklin Lightning Detector
18:16:34.781 -> Schmow-ZoW, Lightning Detector Ready!
18:16:34.781 ->
18:16:34.781 -> Are disturbers being masked: YES
18:16:34.781 -> Are we set for indoor or outdoor: Indoor.
18:16:34.781 -> Noise Level is set at: 2 18:16:34.781 -> Watchdog Threshold is set to: 2
18:16:34.781 -> Spike Rejection is set to: 2 18:16:34.816 -> The number of strikes before interrupt is triggerd: 1
18:16:35.125 -> Disturber.
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By TS-Mark
Hi ehansen2580,

That is really strange that you're getting only disturbers with the maskDisturber() function set to True. Are there any devices in the environment you're testing in that would cause noise for the sensor (eg. fluorescent lighting, microwaves, refrigerators, DC-DC converters)? Also, are you using the SPI or I2C version of Example 2? Have you modified it at all? If so, what have you modified and can you copy your code into your response? Finally, in case there is some hardware issue going on, can you please take a few photos of your board and circuit and attach them to your reply? Please do your best to make sure they are clear and well-lit.
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By dpccreating
I've had a little success. Moved the circuit as far from my desktop and monitor (Cold Cathode LCD) as possible with a longer cable, was using a 6 inch one at first. I suspect the monitor or the PC is generating enough noise so the receiver cannot distinguish lightning from noise.

I've added some LF ferrites on the USB cable to further isolate any conducted noise from the board. Will post if this improves things.

Then I reprogrammed with these settings reported by "Example2_More_Lightning_Features_SPI .ino".

Schmow-ZoW, Lightning Detector Ready!

Are disturbers being masked: NO
Are we set for indoor or outdoor: Outdoor.
Noise Level is set at: 1
Watchdog Threshold is set to: 1
Spike Rejection is set to: 1
The number of strikes before interrupt is triggerd: 1

Still too many disturbers but now I am seeing lightening events at 5 km and more.
Now to wait for the next T-Storm Event