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Discussions on the software and hardware for Atmel's STK standard.
What hardware/software combo should I get for programming and/or debugging on Linux?
(Answers for MacOSX and software that runs through WINE are also welcome)

I want to give the next step, and move out of Arduinos! :D
I've been programming my arduino without Arduino stuff lately, but I also want to try out smaller (cheaper) and bigger AVRs
And someday in the future, try ARMs :)
Glad to hear you're moving beyond Arduino (our customers grow up so fast!)

Here are some links on HOWTO program AVRs under Linux. We recommend starting with the command-line tools: ... -Howto.pdf ... hLinux.php

...and once you know those are working, try out the very capable IDE (Integrated Development Environment) called Eclipse, which has a plugin available for AVR programming: ... pse-plugin ... or_Eclipse ... ?version=1

Any other Linux development advice from the SparkFun digirati?
"Bare metal" development tools on my side:

Cross gcc generated by crossdev tool (gentoo). You can do it by hand but it's tricky (bootstrap gcc + libc build).
Emacs for editor (not for dummies, or for dummies with motivation), with additions like global for tags.
OpenOCD (arm)/avarice (avr) + gdb + ddd for debug.
I have a usbasp for programming AVR (with avrdude) and a clone of jtag for avr.

The whole with multiples terminals and 3 to 4 workspaces.

I never liked integrated IDE, waste of screen surface (I routinely have 3 or 4 sources files under the eyes).
Thankyou for your answers :)

Right now I'm saving for an oscilloscope, but as soon as I can get one, I'll start checking my options here :D

BTW, that AVR ONE! I saw in the link jeger posted, has everything!
I wish I had enough money for that :P

Well… we all wish we had more money, hahaha