Atemga328 Tx voltage?

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Atemga328 Tx voltage?

Post by drinkmorejava » Sun Apr 25, 2010 9:50 pm

Received an Atmega 328 with arduino bootloader after I blew up my 168. I have replaced all components on the board with known working ones.

I have been unable to install anything on the chip, whereas uploading worked perfectly with the 168. I'm using a 7404 inverter because it's what I have and it has worked well in the past.

voltage going into the Rx of the chip is a healthy 4.3 volts. Signal looks good as confirmed by an oscilloscope.
voltage out of the tx is only 1.08v while connected to the inverter, 1.4v connected to 10kohm load. Not only does this voltage seem extremely low, there is no response on the oscilloscope despite reseting the chip at various times right before uploading. Previously, I pulled the 168 out of reset as soon as I saw red text on the debug console in the arduino software.

Any ideas?


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