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Discussions on the software and hardware for Atmel's STK standard.
By stevech
Looking at histor for other acquisitions, the acquisition or merger will kill most of Atmel's products, as cultures collide.

Look at the Motorola spin-out that killed the 68000 family.
The IBM actions that effectively abolished the PowerPC.

And many lesser ones in the microcomputer world.

I hope not, as Atmel's architecture and pretty bug-free chips are a great thing.
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By leon_heller
Freescale still uses the 68000 architecture.

By johankrava
I just hope that AVRs will stay. AVR microcontrollers like PIC microcontrollers have a huge community.
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By leon_heller
Unlike Atmel, Microchip never kills off older devices.

By rmteo1
leon_heller wrote:Unlike Atmel, Microchip never kills off older devices.

Great stategy - keeps their existing customers happy and probably makes good money for MicroChip. Take the PIC16F84A as an example. You can still get it if you want but you pay a hefty price for it. A PIC24FJ will give probably 10x the performance for about half the price of an 84A. :lol: