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By viper
Anyone out there using this programmer with a Mac? Need a response to this problem:

I bought this programmer because it said it was OS X compatible. When
I plug it in, I don't see a serial port in /dev/. System Profiler
does see the device though.

Is there a driver I need to install? Something else?

Use this thread to discuss this issue.
By keen101
I don't have the exact model you have, and i don't use mac osx, i use linux, but i still might be able to help.

this is the one i use, and i think it is basically a clone of yours.

this forum say's:

"he USBtinyISP doesn't act as a serial port, and thus won't show up in /dev. You'll need to use avrdude to access it through the libusb library (which, I admit, might be an overly technical way to describe it)."
we have uploaded new firmware which fix the problems with the MAC OS