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By Athul
I learing AVR programming,

I have made a code to toggle AVR pin at an interval using interrupts

Here' the code
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#include <avr/io.h>
#include <avr/interrupt.h>

// initialize timer, interrupt and variable
void timer1_init()
    // set up timer with prescaler = 64 and CTC mode
    TCCR1B |= (1 << WGM12)|(1 << CS11)|(1 << CS10);

    TIMSK1 |= (1 << OCIE1B);        // Output Compare B Match Interrupt Enable
    // initialize counter
    TCNT1 = 0;

    // initialize compare value
    OCR1B = 7812;

    PORTC ^= (1 << 0);

int main(void)
    // connect led to pin PC0
    DDRC = 0XFF;

    // initialize timer

    // loop forever

But pin is not toggling? Why?
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