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By pferrill
Just received the A111 sensor and I'm not sure if it is functioning properly. The Gui/ will not connect to the sensor. When I run the diagnostic program I get this:

pi@raspberrypi:~/Downloads/a111/rpi_xc111/out $ ./example_assembly_test_rpi_xc111_r4a_xr111-3_r1c_a111_r2c
Acconeer software version v1.10.0
Acconeer RSS version 1.0
00:04:23.264 [ 1121] (I) (rss): Radar system software activated
00:04:23.275 [ 1121] (I) (cpd_communication_test): ASIC identity test passed.
00:04:23.275 [ 1121] (I) (cpd_communication_test): Register write-and-read test passed.
00:04:23.286 [ 1121] (I) (cpd_communication_test): Buffer write-and-read test passed.
00:04:25.289 [ 1121] (E) (sensor_protocol): Timeout waiting for indication on sensor 1
00:04:25.289 [ 1121] (E) (cpd_interrupt_test): Failed to retrieve indication.
00:04:25.289 [ 1121] (E) (cpd_interrupt_test): Test timed out, please check either HW connection or HAL declarations
00:04:25.289 [ 1121] (E) (cpd_communication_test): Interrupt test failed
Name: communication_read, result: Pass
Name: communication_write_read, result: Pass
Name: communication_interrupt, result: Fail
Name: supply, result: Fail
Name: clock, result: Fail
Assembly test: There are failed tests

Anybody help?
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By wonder_boom
The A111 Pulsed Radar only works with Raspberry Pi 3's and 4's as stated in the hookup guide. Can you confirm that you're using one of these versions?