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Hi Bill,

How are you setting the contrast on the SerLCD? Are you using an attached Arduino or are you sending commands directly to the ATMega328 on the LCD? You should be able to remove that printout by just sending the "lcd.clear():" command after setting the contrast if you are using the Arduino library. If you are using one of our firmware examples like this serial contrast example, just send the clear display command after setting the contrast and it will clear the message.

I hope this helps you clear that contrast set printout.
Mark, that's a little crazy... You're going to see the flicker of those messages every single time you change a setting. They're only really useful during debugging and should have a way to turn them off. It's not in your official arduino library, but it looks like your firmware should be responding to 0x2E and 0x2F to enable/disable those "system" messages, but in practice it seems like that does not work.

Any advice?
You need the latest version of the firmware to turn those messages off.
The latest firmware can be found here

Check the hookup guide and this link for directions on how to update the firmware.