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By johannesvk
Can anyone tell me where I can find the liquid crystal library " SparkSoftLCD.h " to include in my code ??
It's propably part of a ZIP file.
I'm relatively new at this and not to familiar with the Git-Hub or Sparkfun sites yet.
I would be very thank full for any help.
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By TS-Mark
Hi johannesvk,

That library appears to be a user-created library for certain SparkFun Serial LCDs. The GitHub Repository has not been updated in six years so it may not be compatible with new versions of Arduinos or our new Serial Enabled LCDs like this 16x2 SerLCD.

You will most likely have to manually install that library or use the ZIP library installer tool in Arduino. We cover both installation methods in this tutorial.

If you have one of our newer SerLCDs, we recommend using the SparkFun SerLCD Library.

I hope this helps you find and install the correct Arduino library. Let us know if you have any other questions and we would be happy to help.