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Pre-post troubleshooting and searching for available information:

Support is available on the forums Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM Mountain.
Before posting on the forums seeking Technical Assistance from SparkFun consider looking at our general hardware and software troubleshooting tips & information present on the SparkFun website. SparkFun’s engineers, catalog managers and customers all provide lots of valuable information in all sorts of places on the SparkFun website and forums. Below is a simple guide designed to get you started on the right path in your pursuit of knowledge & will greatly improve your troubleshooting skills starting out:

Not working as expected? In this tutorial, we will be exploring a few general troubleshooting tips and possible solutions that frequently come up within Technical Support's FAQ and solutions: ... 1528127798

You may also want to look at the product page for the product(s) you are working with. The SparkFun website has a plethora of valuable information on the product page such as documents including EAGLE PCB design files, schematics, tutorials, product photgraphs, Support Tips provided by SparkFun’s support Moderators, comments sections, product reviews, Github repositories, videos, etc, depending on the product. All of this information can be found starting with a product page!

Here is the SparkFun product page for the SparkFun Redboard as a reference:

If the above article does not seem to be useful for solving your particular issue(s) & you have exhausted all of the material on the SparkFun website try searching the SparkFun forums for an existing thread. An already existing topic may offer information, possibly even a direct solution to the problem you are experiencing. One does not need to create an account on the SparkFun forums to see the topics that are posted and look for solutions.

Creating a SparkFun forum account to post a new topic.

If you feel like you have searched everywhere for a solution to no avail, now may be the time to create an account on the forums and post in the category & forums that best fits your product. Keep in mind that the SparkFun Forums do have sub forums. Be sure and look around a bit if you are not seeing anything immediately for the best possible forum for your topic.

Now you are ready to create a new forum account to post on the SparkFun forums. Keep in mind that your SparkFun customer account and your SparkFun forums account are not tied together. You will need to create a new SparkFun forum account in order to post on the SparkFun forums. To create your new forum user account, head here and go through the registration process:

Now that your account is created, please include as much information about the product you are working with by providing a link to the part in the SparkFun catalog and by providing the unique 5 digit part number of the part you are working with. You should also provide a front and back photo of the product or a video of the issue in action, or a screenshot where applicable.

If you are working with a code issue while using code written by SparkFun, please consider posting in the tutorials comments section off of the product page with the problem you are running into. Keep in mind that tutorial comments should be used only if the inherent code does not function in the way we advertise. SparkFun can not offer assistance on custom modifications to our existing code. SparkFun does not offer offer assistant on code that was not written by a current SparkFun employee either. Consider posting in the General Development Platforms discussion category if you would like to see if the community can assist you.

Once you have created your post a Technical Support Representative will review the topic shortly and will respond to the post in about 3 estimated business days.

SparkFun Technical Support Moderators may need some personal information to assist further in some circumstances such as Return Merchandise Authorization(RMA) processes and we may ask for this information via private messages. A technical Support Representative will never ask you to share personal information publicly on the SparkFun forums. Always double check and make sure the individual who is private messaging you is a verified SparkFun Technical Support Moderator or employee. The best way to tell is by the red coloring in the name and the "SFE-TS-Moderator" title underneath.

If you have feedback on anything associated with the forums including functionality, spelling errors, response time from moderators, etc, please private message TS-Feedback and we will look into your feedback as soon as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this document. We look forward to assisting you on the SparkFun forums soon!