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By rt80639
Would it be possible for someone to post the point break-down of the winners?

For instance, JRover crushed the AVC classic, and I'd love to see how he scored 900+ points. Was it through speed, accomplishing objectives, or no gps?
By tedmeyers
Since no one else has answered...

JRover Maxx completed 2 runs (for each run):
300 pts (minus time ~40 sec) + 150 (no-gps bonus) + 20 pts (check points) + 10 pts (barrels) + 20 pts? (hoop) + 20 pts (pedestrian) ~= 480 pts
480 * 2 runs = 960
plus maybe 1 checkpoint for the 3rd run = 965 (actual score was 964 -- probably due to 1 sec of time)

For "Speed Demons" I know that no one else finished more than 1 run, so similar calculations for other top finishers, but for one completed run.

"Car Wars" (for each run):
300 pts (minus time) + 40 pts? (checkpoints) + 10pts * darts + 25 pts (coffee) + 25 pts (auto-stop)

These cars tended to take closer to 180 seconds to make the required 2 laps, so lower scores (and no no-gps bonus).
RoboJackets (in Higher Ed) finished 2 runs (2 laps each) for 479 points
(about 240 points per run) I believe they scored the coffee and auto-stop bonuses for both runs, plus a few darts (3 or 4?) per run.

AsterRisky (in Adults) finished 1 run (2 laps) for 236 points:
300 pts - 169 pts (time) + 50 pts (checkpoints) + 30 pts (darts) + 25 pts (coffee) = 236 pts
(may not be exactly the point breakdown, but close -- 2 of the checkpoints and 1 dart were on the 1st run)
By jessejay356
Thanks for the break down. I'm not sure exactly how the score broke down, because I avoided the hoop and ramp. I was under the impression my score was 465 after the first heat. It got a little shaky after that, because I never saw my score after second heat. Issues with wifi meant the scores were not getting updated.

The first heat took 35 seconds, and the second heat took 33. This was due to heavier contact with barrels during first heat. BTW, my best time with no obstacles was 16 seconds.

At the end of the day, completing two heats was enough to win. I really wish I wouldn't have hit my kill switch the third heat (that will NOT happen next year). We will never know if I would have made it 3 for 3. :roll:

JesseJay (aka JRover)
By rt80639
Thank you for the answers!

I wanted to go this year, but the event fell on my kids' birthday. I would've brought them, but 7-year-olds don't have much of an attention span.

It's nice to see Iowa representing! (I'm in Cedar Rapids).

I wanted to see the point breakdown because I was curious about whether a GPS was used or not. I'm looking to enter next year and wanted to know how complex of a car I had to build.

I'm impressed a GPS wasn't used. Kudos.
By tedmeyers
Interesting that your bot didn't make the hoop; I wasn't in a good position to see, but I thought it did. That means I'm off by about 28 points with the times that you gave. Interesting, but close enough, I suppose.